Logged in as: Christina Pallotta, Lyndhurst
Skill Level: I Intermediate
Diamond Alley - PTN 1204

Kristy and Shayla Wolf of Sassafras Lane Designs

Size: 66" x 88"

Fabric Requirements:
20254M-27, 65,  67, 68, 71, 81
20255M-21, 28,  42, 63, 66, 67,  81, 85
20256M-27, 42,  67, 81
20257M-27, 42,  67, 83
20258M-28, 42, 63, 85
20259M-28, 45, 63, 85
20260M-28, 85
202M60-99 (backing)

Suggested tools: 12" 60 degree Triangle Ruler


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