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Jennifer Adomeit

Since Jennifer was a young child she has enjoyed all things creative - from drawing and painting, to crafting and sewing – she loves it all. She lives with her husband and children in the beautiful Bulkley Valley in Northern British Columbia where she grew up. In addition to enjoying the arts, Jennifer is a games and sports enthusiast and enjoys sharing these passions with kids in her role as an Elementary School Teacher. Jennifer has a degree in Geography from the University of Northern British Columbia and an Education degree from Vancouver Island University.

Jennifer’s heritage includes Swiss, German, French Canadian, and Ukrainian – she is Canadian. Although she has no Indigenous ancestry, Jennifer has always been fascinated by the striking artistic style of the Northwest Coast First Nations. Hence, she jumped at the opportunity to take a First Nations art class while attending UNBC.

In 2006, Jennifer created a painting called ‘Our Home and Native Land’ for that very class. She had no training in drawing or painting but her love for art and her interest in Geography came together when she created ‘Our Home and Native Land’, which is an ‘interpretive representation' of the Northwest Coast style. Only recently did Jennifer start being recognized as an artist – and in the most unlikely of ways.

She donated a print of her painting ‘Our Home and Native Land’ to an online support auction and it quickly began to circulate. She has since received hundreds of inquiries about the painting and has been very humbled by the response. Jennifer has since created ‘The Spirit of BC’ which was derived from ‘Our Home and Native Land’. She hopes to create more Canadian inspired pieces in the future.



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