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Designer Profile

Linda Ludovico

Linda has always had a passion for color and design, which drove her to pursue a career in the arts.  After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Linda took graduate courses at FIT in New York.  Her career began with the textile design for women and children’s fashion in New York, but soon expanded into international home furnishings.  STONEHENGE unites Linda’s love of textile design and home furnishings, while expressing her distinct style and exceptional understanding of design and color.


Linda is a long time member and Chairholder of the International Color Marketing Group.  She frequently hosts and co-hosts Design and Color seminars throughout North America for designers, buyers and manufacturers in the Manufactured Home, Recreational Vehicle and Home and Building market.


When she is not designing or hosting seminars, Linda enjoys her other passions, which include travel, photography, fine food and her beautiful Bulldogs and Yorkie, Pearl, Rocco and Little Mack. Linda is an active member of the Monmouth County Kennel Club of New Jersey and the National Bulldog Club of America.


Collections by this designer

Stonehenge - Warm Stone

Stonehenge Flannel

Stonehenge - Mojave

Stonehenge Caribbean

Stonehenge - Celebration Metallic

Stonehenge - Celestial Metallic

Stonehenge Amazon

Stonehenge - Glacier

Stonehenge - Mother Earth

Stonehenge - Colorado

Stonehenge Panels

Stonehenge Holiday

Stonehenge Skins

Stonehenge Wide Backing- OLD

Stonehenge Apollo

Stonehenge Magnolia

Stonehenge Renaissance

Stonehenge Christmas Traditions

Stonehenge White Christmas

Stonehenge Woodland

Stonehenge Pink Ribbon

Stonehenge Team Spirit

Stonehenge Gold Leaf

Stonehenge Coordinates

Stonehenge Kids Rainbow

Stonehenge Kids Undersea Adventures

Stonehenge Canyon Ridge

Stonehenge Coordinates Metallic

Stonehenge Kids Rainbow Flannel

Stonehenge Meadow

Stonehenge Kids Rainbow Pastels

Stonehenge Wilderness

Stonehenge Out of This World

Stonehenge Out of This World Coordinates

Stonehenge Wide Backing

Stonehenge Daffodils

Stonehenge Abstractions

Stonehenge Kids Rainbow Pastel Flannels

Stonehenge Earth Rhythms

Stonehenge Kids Prehistoric

Stonehenge Bejeweled

Stonehenge Ginko Clearance

Stonehenge Hidden Valley Flannel

Stonehenge Starry Night 2 Rolls

Stonehenge Sights and Sounds of Minnesota

Stonehenge Top 50

Stonehenge Earth Rhythms NEW COLORS

Stonehenge Rainforest Romp

Stonehenge Stars & Stripes Flannel

Stonehenge Stars & Stripes Flannel Tiles

Stonehenge Aspen Ridge

Stonehenge Aspen Ridge Flannel

Stonehenge Gradations Wide Backing

Stonehenge Gradations Flannel

Stonehenge Gradations Flannel Precuts

Stonehenge Gradations

Stonehenge Gradations _Precuts

Stonehenge Kids Monster Mischief

Stonehenge Zodiak